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Tips: How To Escape From a Lousy Date

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How to escape from a  boring  date:  If you often go on a date with different guys, you will definitely be noticed one thing: some of the dates are indeed remarkable, but there is also an incredible pain in the ass. Usually these things you encounter during approach/first date or during a blind date sessions. It was a minute dating feel like days and You can't wait to end it immediately. When a date is changed from “bad” to “suck” , only one question that arises in your mind: how to escape from this date? The following Tips are good  escape from that situation, based on the type of your dating friends:

1 . Good guys , but not your type your friends match  you to a date with a guy that fits to become a brother  of Keanu reeves . For example, in middle  first date , he can 't hold his self  to tell a former girlfriend  who leaved him . His appearance was also too perfect for a man, for other women, he may fulfill the criteria , but not for you . No chemistry between the two of you. The problem is , you don’t want to hurt his feelings . Before he took a date again or improve relations with you , you must be ready . Tips :  give him  the instruction that you are not interested in her ,  said  Jeanne  Martinet  the author of books Come-Ons , Conebacks and Kiss-Offs ( st. martin 's press , 1977 ) . Jeanne suggest  to refined your  refusal. Try something like ,”I think we don’t have  much in common between us both , yes ? But , you are the most funny , smart , and …(etc…etc) I 've ever known” . Ask him , whether he mind if you give his  phone number  to  your friend that you think will fit with him .

2. Too confidence. Already weeks, a man at your gym, is always follow Your every move. He always volunteered to teach you lift weights and hold your legs while you do crunches. Eventually, he will take you out on a date and you accept his offer. Then he invites you to dance and attaching her body very closely. It didn't take long to convince himself that his overly bold doesn't make you happy. Tips: “It is not a good time to be a weak  woman. For men that his ego is too high, it will incorrectly responds to all of your actual sayings meant positive”  said Jeanne. The only way out is to raise a topic that would make him one of the vagaries and may be a little “ill feel” . For example “I would love to be married and have children!”  or  “Buy me a drink, would you!”

3. Playboy and impolite.  A man who in the presence of You now, He doesn’t have  a plus value in your eyes. But he immediately call you “Baby, Honey” 10 minutes after meeting you, glancing  on a waiter, and now he says that all women are fit only to give birth to and working in the kitchen. Finally, you don't want to continue dating with him. Tips: ”It is okay if you want to immediately rise  from the Chair and left him. But, sometimes, it's easier to avoid unwanted happenings with expressed resignation creatively”  Said Jeanne. Tell him that you should check your  mail voice. Then you go back, put a confused face and tell him call you and ask for your help to redeem the prescription in  the pharmacy before the close.  Another way out is pretending busy demolish your bag . Then say to him that you lose your drug , the keys , wallet or anything and you got to  go looking for them . Granted, he will not offer to help you. Advice Jeanne.

4. The persistent guy. Your Dating  “Suck”. But you  sorry for him and offered a cup of coffee. It's almost at 11 pm, and he didn't want to get up from your sofa. You've made a mistake number one: never invite a man to the House, just because you want to do good! You better be someone who is rude, rather than end up in a situation where you do not feel comfortable. There are 3 ways that would make it immediately rise him up from your sofa, Tips: 1) Lead him out the door. “Say  a subtle commands that would get him out of your house”  said Jeanne. Tell him that enjoy chocolate ice cream is something sensual to you. Unfortunately, your ice cream chocolates are exhausted. Men will do anything if they thought his actions will result in anything related to sex. After he was out of the House you are looking for  your chocolate ice cream in the middle of the night, close the door  and turn off the lights! 2) Scare him off, “Tell him if your parents can wake up at any time and “kick him” because it’s already late . Or your sister will return after spending the punishment in prison. Or your boyfriend's boxers will come shortly. Anything that makes him understand that you don't want him to stay much longer on your sofa. 3) Makes him disgusted. Pretend to claims a terrible disease. You can not explained until now. But, if you insist, you should really explain it. Like u have a fungus in your thumb nails. And it’s really annoying, please massage my feet! After this sentence, Is he remains unwilling to left the sofa you?
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